Is YOUR Website Performing? How do you know?

Auckland SEO News   •   June 1, 2017

Do YOU know how YOUR website is seen by Google?

Are your competitors ahead of you in the search engines?
When people search for your services do you know what terms they enter into the search engines?

Nowadays when people are looking to either research or purchase a product they go online, in fact 97% of us do. Of this 90% are using search engines like Google, 85% of these searchers will only click on an organic result, meaning only 15% of people will click on an add that you have paid for. To top it off 95% of these searchers will not go past page one.

So if your business is not on page one then you could end up missing out on a lot of business.

Are you losing business?

Opportunities are being lost every day by  businesses who do not have their websites fully optimised for the search engines, this is especially important for local search results, which accounts for more than 50% of searches. So if you are serious about your business then you need to be up to speed with your search engine marketing, by utilising effective SEO, or search engine optimisation.

How do you find out how your business looks in the eyes of Google?

The first step in any plan is to find out where you are starting from, and YOU can do it for FREE here!


Get a fast FREE Website Audit HERE!

Enter your Website URL to get a full in-depth SEO report in 60 seconds.


Once you receive your “Free Website Audit”, take your time to go through it and read what it says, we are available anytime to answer questions you may have and step you through the changes that may be needed.
Your website needs to have a good design, and be well developed to ensure you have a website that has a strong foundation and is structured correctly to be seen by the robots that crawl the site for Google.



As well as good web design and development you need to utilise proven SEO strategies, both on-page and off-page, to dominate the competition with multiple listings, whether it be in organic, maps, local search or paid adds.

Doing this properly will allow your website to climb the rankings to page one. Often you can achieve multiple Page 1 rankings.

You can also run PPC, or Pay Per Click, campaigns, however the return from effective SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is usually greater than any form of paid advertising.

Naturally every company is different so at Auckland SEO we have many different types of packages to offer that can allow us to completely customise your search engine marketing campaign, at a level that is comfortable for you, and allows you to understand and see the results happening before your very own eyes, which of course is the exciting part.


 ” The choice today is not whether or not you decide that you need SEO services, but rather how much are you going to spend on SEO Services.”


In business having the right knowledge is only just the beginning.

If you want to be successful you need to take ACTION!

So here is what you need to do:

1) Get YOUR Free Website Audit:

The first step in any plan is to find out where you are starting from, and YOU can do it for FREE here!

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2) Fill out our Discovery Form :

By filling out the Discovery Form you will get a very clear picture of what information you need to have to start and run a successful internet marketing campaign.  Do not worry if you do not have all the information, it is designed to prompt you and if you get stuck we are here to help.

Click Here for the Discovery Form…..

3) Contact Us

If you are ready to take action for getting your business noticed online

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We can then discuss taking your business to a level beyond all your current expectations,

We really look forward to seeing you come on board with

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