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A Bit About Us

Having a website that is up to date and responsive to each of the platforms YOUR clients, and customers, will use to search the internet, allows them to find YOUR business easily, making YOU a “Responsive, and Responsible, Business.

Clients and Customers love this, and so does Google, who will reward YOUR actions by ranking YOUR Website ahead of YOUR competitors.

In business it helps to have the edge over YOUR competitors, and there has never been a better time, or platform, in which to gain a substantial lead on those businesses who are slow to embrace the Digital Marketing Age.

Meet The Team

David Rees

CEO and Founder

David has been a business owner for over 30 years in a number of different industries including, the Building Industry, Property Investment and Development, Graphic design and Product development, Direct Mail, Telephone Networks with VOIP Technology, and Energy Solutions, David discovered Search Engine Optimisation and how powerful it truly is for any business wanting to grow their sales online. Having spent thousands of dollars on websites for his businesses David realised that no-one had shared how to get the websites to page one of Google so, Auckland SEO Limited was created that leveraged his skills to help small to medium businesses to gain a presence online.

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