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Best practices of Social Media Marketing, and Management, for your needs

We provide high quality services of Social Media Marketing,and Management, Social Profiling, Social Channel Analysis, Social Competitor Analysis, Social Media Engagement, Social Advertising Campaigns and Content Curation, which include:

  • Strategy Development

  • Marketplace & Competitive Research

  • Social Media Brand Expansion

  • Ad Management

  • Community Management

  • Contest & Promotions

  • Content Creation

Dave at Auckland SEO has brought to light how far behind the time’s we have been with our website and link building, Auckland SEO are efficient and have affordable solutions for all our SEO requirements.

Dave has an ethical approach that is so good to finally find.

Deborah Chester, Owner
Dave was a pleasure to work with. His professionalism and specialised knowledge of SEO is the reason I chose to work with him and it’s paid off. I highly recommend working with Dave in order to improve your business and increase your profits.
Heather McCarthy, Marketing Manager
My ancillary e-commerce company in Auckland needed traffic, and David was able to give us exceptional presence in the Google search engine while I focus myself on web presence with my main marketing business here in Australia. Legit SEO. Thanks David.
Blake Matthew, CEO and Founder
Dave this is great service , your service helped my website to get my rankings up, thanks a lot for that !
John Novak, Sales Manager
Auckland SEO, has done an amazing job of my website, already within days my rankings have gone up, and I have had many comments on how amazing it looks. If you want a Professional High Ranking Website you need to contact Dave. Keep up the great work Dave. Thank you! A+
Carin Anderson, Owner
Auckland SEO understands and explained the importance of on and off page optimisation and how the ranking process actually works. They gave me some good tips and I certainly learned a lot.
Business on the Move, Sales Manager